Popular Questions

How can I open a live account?

1. Click the link ‘Sign up.
2. Fill in all required fields for registration.
3. After entering all required data, submit account registration form.
4. Once the request is completed, clients will be notified."

What are the requirements of opening a live account?

To open a Live Account, you must submit an online application with a signed client agreement form.

When can I start trading?

You can start trading immediately once you have completed the registration process, uploaded your documents and deposited funds into your account.

How to transfer funds to the correct account when I have more than one account and made a wrong deposit?

If you wish to make an internal transfer, you will need to fill out an internal transfer form.

According Why is the spread always higher than the 1.5 spread you advertise?

While we advertise that the spread starts FROM 1.5 pips, it should be understood that this could change at any time since the spread is floating and not fixed.

What are the fees per payment method?

The only fees that occur are from the respective banks or payment processing companies, and will differ by method. We do not charge any additional fee on our end on neither deposits nor withdrawals. The amount credited to your account is the actual amount received by us.

How can I recover lost or forgotten password?

In the login page, click ‘Forgot Password’. On the following page, enter email address. The link to recover your password will be sent to the email. Please keep in mind that the link will expire in one day.

Why can’t I login to my MT4? (No connection error)

Please make sure the password you are using is correct (check to see that ‘caps lock’ is not on), and also check the server that you are trying to log into is the correct one.

How can I change leverage?

"You can request leverage change after login to Trader’s Portal.
Set the necessary leverage adjustment and fill out the contact form in the trader’s portal.
Once submitted, we check the request on regular basis and will be approved.
Leverage change request can be done once a day and you cannot request for leverage change if you have any open positions on your account. "

What are the allowed currencies I can use to deposit funds into my trading account?

You can deposit in any currencies and it will be exchanged, then credited into E-wallet in USD.

What is the required minimum for opening a trading account?

"There is no set amount for minimum deposit.
However, to start trading, we recommend minimum deposit of USD 1,000 or equivalent in other currency."

How do I withdraw my funds from my trading account?

"You will need to fill out a withdrawal request. Once the request is received by our account management officers, they will process it accordingly."

How long does it take for me to receive the funds I withdraw from my trading account to my personal account?

Your withdrawal request is usually processed by us within one business day; however please note that it may take approximately 3-5 business days for the funds to be credited to your bank account.

Are there any charges for withdrawals?

There is no charge from us on deposits or withdrawals.

Can I withdraw the bonus I receive?

Trading Bonus will be held solely for trading with Hyperforex and cannot be withdrawn.

The amount withdrawn was less than the amount I specified. Why?

The amount that was not withdrawn is a proportion of the deposit bonus or the service charge.

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